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Mainely Agility is pleased to host training classes with many of Southern Maine's most experienced competitors and instructors.  Please contact the individual instructors for more information about their classes.


      - Anne Andrle of Xtreme Agility.  Anne will be returning to Mainely Agility in January.  Please contact her directly at anne@xtremeagility.com for more information about her class and seminar schedules.  Mainely Agility looks forward to having Anne back for the Winter of 2018!

       - Cindy Ratner of K-911 Agility.  Cindy offers classes for all levels of agility training.  She is at Mainely Agility on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Contact her at cinzep@maine.rr.com for more info.

     - Kim Tees of Mainely Agility.  Novice, Advanced and Masters level competition classes on Thursdays.  
      Contact Kim at jtees1@maine.rr.com for more info.



Amanda Shyne at Mainely Agility in 2018 

Amanda will be returning to Mainely Agility in 2018 for 3 fun packed seminars.  The dates are:

         March 30 and 31
         July 20 and 21
         November 30 and December 1st

Friday, March 30, 2018  International Course Work with Amanda Shyne - Full

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - All working spots are full, limited auditing spots still available.

Amanda will be back at Mainely Agility on Saturday, March 31 offering 2 4 hour, small group sessions focusing on some of the ‘meat and potato’ skills needed to be successful on the typical course that most of see at the AKC, CPE and USDAA trials in this area.  Each group is limited to 6 working participants.  Cost is $125.  Auditing spots are $50, limited to 4 per session.

8 to Noon – Skills and Drills – Fronts, Blinds and Rears for the Novice Agility Team
This seminar is designed for the agility team that is currently competing at the Starters/Novice level or is about ready to start competition.  Dogs do not need to be able to perform all obstacles as the seminar will use only jumps and tunnels.  It is recommended that dogs participating have class experience jumping at their full competition height (or close) as well as experience sequencing 8 to 12 obstacles.  Exercises will consist of a mixture of short and longer sequences, focused on improving your front, blind and rear crosses. 

1 to 5 – Skills and Drills – Fronts, Blinds and Rears for the Advanced/Masters Agility Team
This session will focus on ‘cleaning up’ your front, blind and rear crosses.  Does your dog turn wide on a front cross, are you afraid to do a blind, do you often get a turn in the wrong direction on your rear crosses?  In this session Amanda will present a group of exercises designed to improve your understanding and execution of these “meat and potato” handling skills.  Teams participating in the afternoon session should have competition experience at the USDAA Advanced/Masters level, AKC Excellent/Masters level or CPE level 4 or 5